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Dino Riders

What happens when you mix Dinosaurs with futuristic people? You get Dino Riders! What kid couldn't love a heavily armored Tyrannosaurus-Rex with more guns than an Iranian family! Who needs robots when you can put armor on a dinosaur and eat people with the dinosaur when the armor is damaged. These things were also a TV show and a movie which gave you even more ideas as to how to destroy things with the Dinosaurs. I was too lazy to put the armor on most of the dinosaurs since most of it is slightly broken or the rubber bands have died. The pictures there include all the dinosaurs I have found. I know I had a few more including the Deinonychus, but I'm pretty sure he was crushed at some point. My cousin also had several, but I don't know if they still have any of them.

Story Overview

The adventure's beginning is summarized in the opening credits of each cartoon. The Valorian home planet is conquered by the evil Rulon armada and a small band of Valorians led by Questar attempts to escape. The Rulon Flagship Dreadlock commanded by Krulos, the Rulon leader, chases after the renegade Valorian ship. The Valorians attempt to escape by using the STEP (Space Time Energy Projector). It works, except they're launched to 65,000,000 B.C. and crashland on the planet Earth. The Dreadlock was following closely and was caught in the STEP and follows them to earth. After investigating their surroundings, they manage to find one another, and begin assembling armies of Dinosaurs, since their ships have been ruined by the time warp. The Valorians befriend the Dinosaurs with their telepathy and medallions they wear around the neck, while the Rulons enslave them with Brain Boxes. Mostly the Valorians befriend the herbivore Dinos while the Rulons take the Carnivores.

Dino Riders Photos

rulons An assorted bunch of Rulons. Krulos, Rasp, Hammerhead, Croc are some names that come to mind.
ankylosaurus1 Ankylosaurus from the side.
ankylosaurus2 Forward overhead view.
dimetrodon1 Dimetrodon, side view, tail of the Triceratops can bee seen.
dimetrodon2 Demonstration of the Chomping Jaw feature.
diplodocus1 A view of the Diplodocus giving him a wise appearance.
diplodocus2 Full length view.
edmontonia1 Edmontonia, Top view of this odd dinosaur which looks like it could be run over by a bus and not be damaged.
edmontonia2 From the other side.
kentrosaurus-1 Kentrosaurus, My favorite dinosaur. I wonder why....
kentrosaurus-2 The other side of the spiked Kentrosaurus.
monoclonius1 Monoclonius, This little guy was my first Dino Rider.
monoclonius2 Head view.
pachycephalosaurus1 Pachycephalosaurus, the hard-headed dinosaur.
pachycephalosaurus2 I think they used to make this guy bash down walls in the cartoon.
placerias1 Placerias, the smallest Dino Rider I have.
placerias2 I always thought he was pretty ugly for a dinosaur.
pteranodon Pteranodon, this guy came with my favorite Rulon, Rasp.
pterodactyl Pterodactyl, the smallest flying Dinosaur I have, wing-on view.
quetzalcoatlus1 Quetzalcoatlus, the rival flying dino for the Valorians, the Pteranodon is flying in the background.
quetzalcoatlus2 The wing-on view, the large flying dinos would flap their wings from the button on their back.
saurolophus1 Saurolophus, I couldn't get this one to stand up on the carpet so I had to balance him on my knees.
stegosaurus1 The motorized Stegosarus.
stegosaurus2 Other side of the stego.
torosaurus1 Torosaurus, without armor, he could also walk with his leg motors.
torosaurus2 Other side without armor.
torosaurus-armor1 Armor closed view.
torosaurus-armor2 Armor opened, Lights on.
torosaurus-armor3 Armor opened, Lights off.
t-rex1 The Tyrannosaurus-Rex armored with everything I could find.
t-rex2 Front view, you can see the leader of the Rulons, Krulos, at the top.
t-rex3 Rear view.
t-rex4 Another Front view.
triceratops1 Triceratops, frontal view.
triceratops2 Side view, his motor switch is visible on the underside.

Dino Riders Cartoons

Here are the videos of the first cartoons from the first and second seasons.

"The Dino Riders Adventure" - Volume 1 caption

It's a war of survival in 65 million B.C. - The Age of the Dinosaur.
The Dino-Riders, survivors of a devastated planet, become friends and allies of the powerful dinosaurs. Their evil enemy, the Rulons, capture and enslave the dinosaurs, shackling them with horrible brain boxes.
It's a war that began in another galaxy, millions of years in the future, and continues millions of years in the past!
Dino-Riders, Harness the Power of Dinosaurs

"The Adventure Continues..." Volume 2 caption

A Mighty Stegosaurus wounded from a fight with a Tyrannosaurus Rex is healed by the Dino-Rider Serena. Befriended by the Dino-Riders he prepares for the ultimate battle with the evil Rulon leader, Krulos, and his awesome arsenal of Brain Boxed dinosaurs. It's a war that began in another galaxy, millions of years in the future, and continues millions of years in the past!
Prepare yourself for an amazing journey into the Age of the Dinosaurs.
Dino-Riders Harness the Power of Dinosaurs

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Dino Riders